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Why was Reinasan created?

Reinasan was created from the activities of Ecoworks4U B.V. and the wish of her founder Carl Schoonenberg to leave a green footprint. The organisation has been re-established under the name Reinasan with the motto cleaner greener safer.

The goal of Reinasan is to pass on a cleaner, greener and safer earth.


What can you do with Reinasan?

Reinasan believes that deep cleaning and protection are essential components of sustainable business operations in general. Reinasan is therefore committed to creating a paradigm shift within the cleaning and maintenance sector; aimed at sustainable cleaner, by applying deep cleaning and protection.

By adding extra functionalities to existing surfaces, the aesthetics can be improved, the lifespan can be extended and the hygiene can be optimised. At the same time, in comparison with the current approach, the harmful effects on the environment, people and assets can be minimised. For this it is necessary that maintenance and cleaning are no longer seen separately from each other, but as two inextricably linked elements of an integral business management. In this way the Return On Investment (ROI) is fully increased. By taking the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a starting point, all the financial advantages of this integrated approach are also obvious.


As a manufacturer and concept-developer Reinasan wants to make a difference together with you.

A difference that enables a paradigm shift, for which also future generations will be grateful.

Therefore, at the core of Reinasan, everything is brought back to 3 values; cleaner, greener, safer.


To achieve the desired results:

we learn from the ancient wisdom of nature,

we use the latest technological developments,

we combine them with common sense to practical solutions.

Through partnerships, and together with you, the Reinasan solutions can be implemented efficient, effective and purposefully.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve, we are currently in the process of finalising the latest ISO-certifications for Reinasan.


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