Reinasan. Cleaner. Greener. Safer.

Cleaner. Greener. Safer.

A permanently cleaner (work) environment

Lead through development, Reinasan wants to leave a green footprint behind on the world. How we do this? Discover the new 'clean' standard.

Permanent protection Deep cleaning

Will you make a difference?

The Reinasan method is based on innovative environmental and sustainability principles. The founder of Reinasan, Carl Schoonenberg, wants to leave a green footprint with his life’s work.

Various advantages

Our Hygiene Protection saves costs and provides a safer hygienic environment. Guaranteed up to 3 years.

Environmentally friendly

Extend the lifespan of materials, prevent pollution and minimise degradation; work together with nature.

Measurable effect and warranties

Secure results with guarantee and measurable effect; optimise material integrity and hygiene.

Become a Reinasan Business Partner

Manufacturers or sellers of a wide variety of products have in common that these products become dirty or hygienically unsafe due to use or weather influences. Reinasan has an effective solution for this and focuses on partners who would like their products and objects to remain beautiful, cleaner, greener and sustainably safer. The Reinasan method offers this possibility, gives your customers something extra and helps you to stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to sustainability.

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