About Reinasan.

Take your chance to become a business partner of Reinasan.

Manufacturers or sellers of the most diverse products have in common that these products become contaminated by use or weather influences or that are hygienically unsafe.

Reinasan has an effective solution for this and focuses on partners who would like to see their products and merchandise permanently beautiful, cleaner, greener and sustainably safer.

The Reinasan method offers this possibility, gives your customers something extra and helps ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to sustainability.


What is the Reinasan method?

The Reinasan method is based on innovative environmental and sustainability principles.

Reinasan’s founder, Carl Schoonenberg, wants to leave a green footprint behind with his life’s work.

The Reinasan method has been developed with passion and craftsmanship from the values ​​cleaner, greener and safer.

It is about thorough and environmentally responsible cleaning (deep cleaning) and the permanent protection of products (protection).

Deep cleansing and Protection are inextricably linked within the Reinasan method and together provide sustainable cleaner products.