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Care institutions


Hospitals, nursing homes and home clinics

Hygiene is as important to the clients and patients as the appearance and feeling, it is vital.

With the combination of deep cleaning with Reinasan DCS series and active protection from the Reinasan PSS series you can optimise optical and microbiological hygiene.

  • sustainable 24/7 degradation of contaminants on PSS-protected surfaces
  • human and material friendly resources
    (eg. also suitable for displays / touchscreens)
  • controllable, measurable hygiene
    (eg. using AMP + ATP measurements)

The most important benefits of the applied Reinasan protection are:

The usual warranty period depends on the specific application:

The following surfaces can be treated:

  • metal & alloys
  • plastics
  • painted & coated surfaces
  • ceramics
  • stone & concrete
  • wood
  • glass
  • fabric & leather
  • special material (High-Tech)


Dentistry treatment tools applied with with active Reinasan protection for hygiene optimisation.

Dental equipment with Reinasan protection ensures sustainable degradation of contaminants.

Become a partner? The advantages

  • Easily add to your existing services and/or products.
  • Works according to the Reinasan formula; Cleaner, Greener, Safer.
  • Can be quickly integrated into your own organisation by means of a short training.
  • Offers the possibility to work distinctively within your own market.
  • Provides an extra sustainable contribution to your existing services and/or products.

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