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Furniture and design

Appearance and hygiene are essential when it comes to furniture. Depending on the location of where the furniture is located, there can be more emphasis on the appearance or on the hygiene.

With the deep cleaning of Reinasan you can get furniture and other interior components back to “good as new”.

With Reinasan protection, the furniture is ‘easy to clean’ for the guaranteed period. This ensures the appearance and hygiene of it.

This way your furniture lasts longer, you prevent premature replacement and your interior remains cleaner and beautiful.

The main benefits of the applied Reinasan protection are:

Warranty periods from:

The following surfaces can be treated:

  • fabric & leather
  • plastics
  • painted & coated surfaces
  • metals & alloys
  • wood
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • stone & concrete
  • special materials (High-Tech)


Protection with Reinasan after purchasing brand new (cinema) interior.

Reinasan deep cleaning and protection of a fabric office chair (before, after and final result).

Before and after deep cleaning and protection with Reinasan.

Before and after deep cleaning with Reinasan.

Acoustic panels treated with Reinasan protection for easy cleaning maintenance.

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