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Vehicles / public transport


Mobility and transport

There are various application areas for mobility and transport:

  • interiors
    (busses, trains, taxi’s and cars)
  • exteriors
    (such as rims, windows, mirrors, paint)
  • technical parts
    (such as engines and calipers

Deep cleaning with Reinasan DCS series means surfaces can:

  • regain their “good as new” appearance
  • interior hygienically clean
  • have simple, sustainable and cost-efficient maintenance

With the active protection from the Reinasan PSS series, the surfaces become:

  • protected (e.g. against the effects, weathering and ageing caused by contaminants)
  • sustainably clean and kept beautiful

The most important benefits of the applied Reinasan protection are:

The applied Reinasan protection is 24/7 active, resistant to extreme conditions, acids, salts and very high temperatures (1,475 degrees Celsius).

The warranty period depends on the specific application:

The following surfaces can be protected:

  • painted & coated surfaces
  • metals & alloys
  • ceramics
  • fabric & leather
  • plastics
  • glass & rubber
  • special materials (High-Tech)


Brake caliper Masserati before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

Rim Volkswagen van before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

Go-kart engine before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

VIP taxi bus interior after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection treatment.

VIP taxi bus exterior with Reinasan deep cleaning and protection treatment. Photo after (above) and before (below).

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