We believe collaboration and sharing is the natural way to multiplication.

The strength of Reinasan lies in the creation of practical solutions. These are solutions in the fields of deepcleaning, maintaining and protecting surfaces.
Often the implementation of these practical solutions happens in cooperation with partners. Our partners are mostly reputable companies, for example in the (specialised) maintenance and cleaning industry.

Collaborating is something we do with pleasure;

  1. Together we stand strong,
  2. together we we get more things done
  3. and together we share success.

The starting point for a successful cooperation is a longterm vision. That’s why often it has our preference to work with family companies, such as the dutch based LSB group (LSB groep).

The cooperation between the LSB group and Reinasan is operating under the name of Eco-Maintenance within the LSB Wagemans business unit. At Eco-Maintenance we focus primarily on specialised deepcleaning and protection projects, especially with regard to real-estate and industry.
A spearhead at the moment is also the cleaning and protection of real estate exteriors such as facades to create a sustainably cleaner building.

Collaboration Roadmap:

  1. In the exploration phase, both parties experience whether the desired synergy is there.
  2. Then, selected staff of the partner company are trained by Reinasan in specific professional application techniques.
  3. Finally, the new Reinasan partner can independently perform and market Reinasan applications.

Collaborations are always based on: cleaner, greener, safer!

The goal for clients is:

  1. with less time and resources,
  2. a sustainably cleaner end result,
  3. at lower total cost! (reducing the TCO)

If you feel that there are opportunities for you and us to collaborate, please contact us.


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