Did you know that the Partner Program:
  • has various programs for different industries or niche markets.
  • can easily be added to your existing services and/or products.
  • works according to the Reinasan formula; Cleaner, Greener, Safer.
  • can be quickly integrated into your own organisation by means of a short course.
  • offers the opportunity to work distinctively within your own market.
  • has a short payback period and is financially very attractive.
  • ensures that your employees are Reinasan certified.
  • makes an extra sustainable contribution to your existing services and/or products.
  • is based on the latest Reinasan Nano/green sustainable technology.
  • you get a tailor-made solution with unique business opportunities.


The diverse Partner Programs:






Is this a franchise model?

No. This is a one time investment. 

Can the investment be earned back quickly?

Our experience has shown that a healthy and well-running company quickly recovered the costs. With our Furniture Partner Program, for example, the investment is recouped after 25 man hours.

Are there various Partner Programs?

Yes. We currently offer various programs. For examples of these you can see the different applications on the website under ”Partner Program Solutions“.

What does a Partner Program consist of?

Each program has tailor-made courses, machines, tools and of course specific liquids.

How do I become a Reinasan Partner?

Contact us using the information below or fill in the application form.

Who can become a Reinasan Partner?

Professionals. Varying from manufacturers, service providers, sales organisations, distributors, suppliers and producers.

How long can I stay a partner?

In principle, for an unlimited time. There is a minimum purchase quantity per year.

Why are employees certified by Reinasan?

To guarantee the warranty period and quality.