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FAQ Partner program


FAQ Partner program

Is this a franchise formula?
No. This is a one-time investment.
Can the investment be recouped quickly?
Our experience has shown that a healthy and well-run company quickly recovers its costs. With our Partner Program furniture, for example, the investment is recouped after 25 man hours.
Are there different Partner Programs?
Yes, at the moment we offer several programs. For examples you can see the different applications on the website at the bottom of Cases.
What does a Partner Program consist of?
Each program has customized training, machines, tools and of course specific fluids.
How can I become a Reinasan Partner?
Please contact us using the information below or fill in the application form.
Who can become a Reinasan Partner?
Professionals. Ranging from manufacturers, service providers, sales organizations, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers.
How long is the contract?
Unlimited. There is a minimum purchase quantity per year.
Why are employees certified by Reinasan?
To guarantee warranty period and quality.

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