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FAQ Protection Surface Solutions

What are the differences between the protection products?
Differences in Protection:
  • The exterior line has up to 10 years warranty, the other up to 5 years
  • The hygiene line has the ability to dismantle viruses, bacteria and fungi up to 99.9999% *, the other up to only 93%. * Note: We do not guarantee that you will achieve the given value. This depends on the type of microorganism.
  • The exterior line is stronger in air purification; converting Nox into Co2.
  • The interior line is stronger in dismantling unpleasant odors.
What is the difference between a nano coating and the Reinasan protection?
A nano coating is a coating. Coatings change the substrate/surface to, for example, repel liquids or to make the surface fire resistant. In addition, nano coatings are passive. Reinasan Protection is applied in the pores/structure of the material using special techniques. The protection does not change the substrate/surface. Furthermore, the Reinasan Protection is active with respect to a nano coating. If the treated surface comes into contact with light on a daily basis, the protection even works 24/7.
Is it harmful to users / machines / equipment?
No, it is EU approved and extremely safe product. During application, minimum protective equipment is required for the user. It is a waterborne extremely safe product.
Can I apply these products myself?
That depends on the type of product application. It is always possible that a Reinasan Partner gets the job done. For more info use the info-button.
Are these expensive products?
We offer a range of different protection products (PSS) that are very competitive compared to coatings for example. Example is that with 1 liter of protection fluid up to 120 M2 can be treated.
What is the difference between a traditional coating / impregnating agent and these products?
Almost all protection and impregnation products are passive so do nothing with the contamination itself, only water-repellent. Our protection has an active function that works 24/7 and converts pollution into environmentally friendly and biodegradable substances. Also because the treated surface has become antistatic and the rain-wash effect keeps surfaces cleaner. In this way, we create sustainably clean surfaces. The protection works deep into the pores (at nano level) of the surface.
How quickly can I use the surface / material / object again after the product has been applied?
The treated surface dries within minutes. Some products in this series require a longer drying time due to curing.
Is dit product echt geschikt voor alle soorten oppervlakken en of materialen?
nze products are specially designed for all types of surfaces and materials. Feel free to use the info-button to find out more for your applications.
Can I apply random products for maintenance after the product has been applied?
We always advise our Sustainable Clean solution: DCS in combination with PSS is Sustainable Clean.
Does the object/surface/material always have to be new before protection is applied?
No, Reinasan can protect both new and old surfaces / objects / materials. The surface to be treated should always undergo a deep cleaning with our DCS products before Protection is applied.
Under what weather conditions is it advisable to apply the product?
The product can be applied from 5 °C and in dry weather.
Does the product wear out?
The protection continues to work as long as the surface does not wear out, even when scratches occur.
Does it work against fungi and algae?
The protection ensures that fungi and algae have no chance to attack surfaces. This prevents aging and damage to the surface. It reduces maintenance and saves costs.

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