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Food industry

At this food production company (a large volume bakery) Reinasan and its partners have implemented various solutions for hygiene optimisation, cleaning and maintenance.

Among other things, Reinasan also applied:

  • deep cleaning with Reinasan DCS series
  • passive protection from the Reinasan PSS series.

On the surfaces of:

  1. conveyor belt for the purpose of food transport
  2. proofers
  3. control cabinets
  4. diverse production-machines
  5. silo’s

These solutions were carried out in collaboration with the Board of directors, the facility and technical department, employees of the relevant bakery and Technical Deep Cleaning (Reinasan’s partner).

The most important benefits of the deep cleaning and applied Reinasan protection are: 

The following surfaces have been treated:

  • Stainless steel and other metal surfaces
  • Painted and coated surfaces
  • Seals
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Machine parts


End result of deep cleaning and protection.

After deep cleaning and protection.

Before deep cleaning and protection.

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