Cleaner | Cleaner and crystal clear

Reinasan goes for the optimal result; taking into account the possibilities and limitations of the specific work environment.
Together we create:
A permanently cleaner environment; With protein-based bio-catalysts we deepclean surfaces at the molecular level, deep into the pores of the material. With protection grids we actively protect the surface against fouling and contaminations and with ecological and safe materials we work together with nature. Ensuring visible and on the invisible level measurably cleaner results.
Cleaner maintenance methods; prevent unnecessary extra cleaning by using cleaner maintenance methods. This also enables more deep-cleaning and surface maintenance can take place while the work-processes on-site can continue uninterrupted.
Clear processes; use striaghtforward applications, address problems at the source, streamline the whole process wel; using tools from TQM and Lean. With crystal clear SOP’s and training you can anchor the results in your organisation.

With combined techniques and specialty applications from Reinasan you can deepclean -up to the molecular level- deep into the pores of the materials. Learn from nature and clean with Reinasan DCS‘ protein-based bio-catalysts that decompose organic fouling and contaminations; when needed combined with steam/water, vibration and temperature.

Perhaps you wonder if we at Reinasan are from tell-sell, or we can do magic, or know something that nobody else knows yet.
Honestly, the latter may be the only thing that is true, that we know something and have further developed that, which not everyone knows yet; gladly we will help you to profit from all the available cleaner benefits.

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