Greener | Greener and more sustainable

Reinasan creates greener, more sustainable solutions for the deepcleaning, protection and longterm maintenance of materials. Solutions that create direct effect and which are technically and economically viable.
Extend the lifespan of materials; make sure that materials last longer with optimal protection (PSS) and deepcleaning with DCS. Keep your materials in top condition naturally, without aggressive chemicals and enjoy a 24/7 cleaner result with a longer lifespan of your materials.
Prevent fouling and minimise corroding; save on the use of materials, save on working hours and prevent the use of toxic and poorly degradable substances. Create instant profit for humans, animals, the environment and your business.
Collaborate with nature; learn from the millions of years of wisdom available in nature. Use this infinite source for optimisation in collaboration with us.
Among other things, through biomimicry, we apply and implement the processes for cleaning, protection and maintenance, that have been optimised in nature in the man-made environments.

Often traditional chemical cleaning methods that are still being used today, are based on aggressive chemicals.
The disadvantages of aggressive chemicals are:

  1. Undesirable substances for the environment, they cause poorly and slowly degradable residues and chemically contaminated waste water
  2. Undesirable effects for the people who work with it; hazards & irritations.
  3. They corrode the materials that are contaminated and therefore shorten the lifespan of these materials.

The three factors mentioned above all cause direct and indirect losses and additional costs.
At Reinasan we see these factors as past mistakes that we convert, together with you, into opportunities and profits.

Maintenance of your materials with protection and deepcleaning from Reinasan ensures:

  1. Environmental and economic profit; with fast ecologically degradable residual products, safely processable and easily purifiable waste water.
  2. Improved working conditions, with pleasant, effective and safe products to work with.
  3. Extended lifespan of materials, by protecting surfaces well combined with simple maintaince, your materials, last longer and your ROI increases.

In addition to cleaner and greener, safer is also a core value of Reinasan. Read more about how safer / more safety is being realised by Reinasan.