Safer | Safer and healthier

Guarantee results with warranty and measurable effect, create practical standards and make results and processes fast and easily measurable. Guarantees and warranty certificates also substantiate long-term effects; so you know what to expect.
Optimise material integrity and hygiene and create a healthier and safer environment. An environment in which materials last longer and microbes, algae and fungi are warded off from the source.
Use safe and sustainable resources, better for workers, better for the environment and better for materials and users.

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining and cleaning materials and surfaces is the measurability; often hygiene and cleanliness are only measured qualitatively:

  1. by scent – it smells fresh or not-
  2. visually – it looks clean or not-
  3. on protocol – the blue cloth with the blue bottle is used 3 times a day …

In more critical environments, for example in food production and medical environments, quantitative measurements are also standard, for example, by putting microbial samples on cultivation.

At Reinasan we strive to make cleaner, crystal-clear and safer; we do this through:

  1. ensuring optimal hygiene 24/7 by means of PSS protection of materials and surfaces,
  2. validation by ATP measurements and AMP measurements,
  3. streamlining processes through quality standards and lean.

In this way hygiene and maintaining hygienic standards has become a true 24/7 process; with a safety-net at the molecular level in the materials and surfaces.
Within a few seconds one can measure how clean or contaminated a surface is. It is also immediately revealed how clean a surface is at the invisible, molecular level. This gives you instant insight into trends; Is any surface area cleaner or less clean at any time?
Finally, the lean, ergonomic and streamlined processes and materials make sure that what is created on paper is simple, pleasant and practically feasible.
In this way all the stakeholders profit.

With Reinasan we create a safer and healthier environment, together with you by combining:

  1. the quantitative measurement of contamination and hygiene levels,
  2. working with safe and ergonomic materials,
  3. safeguarding processes at the source.

Do you also want a cleaner, greener, safer solution; we’d love to hear from you!