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Hospitality en leisure

The experience of guests is central to the hospitality sector (wining & dining, wellness and recreation).

It is therefore essential that the appearance is optimal of the guest and work environments:

  • clean
  • hygienic
  • simple and cost-efficient to maintain

In fact, almost all disciplines and surfaces occur in the hospitality sector. This varies from:

  • professional equipment in kitchens
  • all types of furniture
  • floors
  • beds
  • canopies
  • terrasses
  • buildings
  • vehicles (shuttle bus to golf carts)

With the sustainable and highly efficient Reinasan deep cleaning products you can take care of:

  • optimal appearance and hygiene
  • reducing costs
  • extending the life of your surfaces and materials

With the active protection from the Reinasan PSS series:

  • you guarantee the above results for a longer term
  • you create a better result using less resources and time
  • your investments will last longer

The most important benefits of the applied Reinasan protection are:

The possible warranty period depends on the wishes and the specific application, the material and the wear sensitivity of the surface:

Surfaces treated, among other things, are kitchens, seating areas, hotel rooms, holiday homes, swimming pools and wellness environments:

  • painted & coated surfaces
  • stone & concrete
  • metals & alloys
  • ceramics
  • plastics
  • wood
  • glass
  • fabric & leather
  • special materials (High-Tech)
  • – equipment/machines/parts


Deep cleaning and protection in the recreation complex, both in swimming pool areas and in catering and sauna areas.

Deep cleaning and protection of professional kitchens, both equipment and work benches, extraction hoods, walls and floors.

Deep cleaning and protection of sun blinds such as marquees, awnings, canopies and terrace covers.

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