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The Reinasan Method

The founder of Reinasan, Carl Schoonenberg, wants to leave a green footprint with his life’s work.

“Reinasan is my life’s work. Our products are a combination between the knowledge I’ve gained over the past decades and my vision to leave the world a cleaner place. With our products I set the new ‘hygiene standard’”.

– Carl Schoonenberg

Sustainable technology

Sustainability and care for nature and the environment have become increasingly important in recent years. In the first half of the twentieth century, few people were aware that the fast pace at which technology and the economy developed could be at the expense of living nature. The quality of the human environment was not yet a subject of concern.

That tide has turned. A healthy environment world wide is gaining more and more public support. And that has consequences for the business operations of every company and organization. Reinasan knows that and offers alternatives that promote a healthy living environment. Reinasan proves that attention to nature and the environment is effectively possible within a technical development and also yields profit.

Reinasan combines sustainability with technology. Reinasan develops technology to achieve sustainably clean surfaces. By dealing with technology sustainably, Reinasan ensures that there are hardly any harmful side effects when cleaning, maintaining products: from a wall to a sofa, from a roof tile to a canvas. This is different for many professional cleaning products.

How do the sustainable products from Reinasan work?

Reinasan uses biocatalysts for the deep cleaning of products that actively do their job 24 hours a day, down to the cells at the smallest level. By combining this method with protection, new and existing products can be made more sustainable, which will continue to work actively 24 hours a day at the Nano level, guaranteed for up to 10 years, which considerably increases usability and service life.

The ruler below shows the molecular (Nano) level at which the Reinasan products are actively active. The various Reinasan products in the DCS and PSS series are smaller than all types of organic contamination. Thanks to the green Biocatalyst technology, a deep cleaning takes place in the surface (DCS). Thanks to the Photocatalyst protection technology, all new organic contaminants that end up on the surface are actively dismantled 24/7 (PSS). With this unique Reinasan combination we are guaranteed to permanently protect various surfaces, keep them clean and maintain ‘easy to clean’.

Advantages of the Reinasan products:

  • Less or no burden on nature and the environment
  • Cleaning down to the smallest cells
  • Easy to process
  • Perfectly safe

Treating with Reinasan’s products ensures:

  • The self-cleaning capacity of products
  • Minimum maintenance/easy to clean
  • Repelling and breaking down contamination 24 hours a day, year in year out
  • Increasing the hygienic values ​​so that people and animals stay healthy and pathogens are rendered harmless or stay away
  • Repairing products that return functionality

The result of Reinasan’s products:

  • Extending the lifespan of both new and used products/objects/materials
  • Better and easier to keep hygienically clean
  • Guarantee up to 10 years
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less burden on nature and the environment
  • Less use of energy and water
  • Fewer waste streams

Do you want to know how you can make your objects, materials and products more sustainable with Reinasan?

We are happy to tell you more about the world behind all our deep cleaning products (DCS), protection products (PSS) and partner programs (PPS).

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The Reinasan method is based on innovative environmental and sustainability principles. There are also several other benefits for our partners when using our products.

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