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Cleaner. Greener. Safer.

The Reinasan method is based on innovative environmental and sustainability principles. The founder of Reinasan, Carl Schoonenberg, wants to leave a green footprint with his life’s work.

Cleaner and clearer with DCS Reinasan goes for the optimal result; taking into account the possibilities and limitations of the specific work environment. Together we create:

  • Cleaner result; with bio-catalysts we clean on a molecular level, deep into the pores of the material. This ensures a visible and measurable cleaner cleaning result.
  • Cleaner working methods; avoid unnecessary extra cleaning work and simplify cleaning possible while work processes can continue on the spot.
  • Bright processes; User simple applications, tackle problems at the source tune the whole process well. Through clear step-by-step plans and training, you safeguard the results in your organization.

With combined techniques and applications of Reinasan you clean up to a molecular level. Learn from nature’s nanotechnology and clean with dirt breaking bio-catalysts; whether or not in combination with microfibre/steam/water, vibration and temperature.

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The Reinasan method is based on innovative environmental and sustainability principles. There are also several other benefits for our partners when using our products.

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