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The Partner Programs include products that add extra functionalities to all kinds of exterior and interior objects / surface types.

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The various Partner Programs developed for business service providers aim to keep objects clean and safe for longer. These results are achieved by applying safe and environmentally friendly products that are active 24/7. In this way, objects retain their attractive appearance, the lifespan is extended and costs are saved.


A number of your employees receive a short training with regard to the fluids and materials to be used.

Practical application

One or more own objects or surfaces intended for your own customer (s) are protected during the training.


Support is provided in the marketing of the method through documentation and access to the online Reinasan database is provided.

Results and Benefits

The results achieved by existing Partners are extensive. Thanks to our Partners, end customers have, among other things, permanently protected hand contact points, easy to clean furniture, radiant sun protection, cost savings on regular cleaning, TCO reduction in building maintenance, aesthetics preservation. After the Protection has been applied, simple maintenance can be carried out with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Partner Benefits

Become a Reinasan Partner

Become a Reinasan Partner and create the opportunity to work distinctively within your own market, extend the lifespan of objects and materials in an environmentally friendly way. Invest in your company, invest in the future!

Become a Reinasan Partner

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