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Our vision

The founder of Reinasan, Carl Schoonenberg, wants to leave a green footprint behind via his life work.

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Our vision


Reinasan makes use of products with deep cleaning solutions that do their job cleaning actively. By combining this method with permanent surface protection, new and existing products can be made more durable. Guaranteed to be effective up 10 years and 24 hours per day. This will significantly increase the lifecycle, while waste disposal is reduced and you save on maintenance costs.

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Our vision


Adjacent image shows at which molecular level the Reinasan products are active. As you can see, the different Reinasan products are smaller than all the types of organic pollutions. Using our special, green technology, in-depth cleaning takes place in the surface during use and application of Reinasan. Thanks to the active surface protection, all new organic pollutions ending up on the surface, are dismantled. This unique 24/7 effect allows us to guarantee durable protection, cleaning and maintenance of surfaces.

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The methods developed by us are implemented by partners within their business operation. These methods have been integrated in partner programmes. Our partner programmes contain complete methods with 24/7 active, safe and environment-friendly products that contribute to cleaner and safer objects and surface types.