At Reinasan we combine common sense with specialist knowledge and creativity.

A simple and beautiful difference is made with:

Deep Cleaning Solutions (DCS), protein-based bio-catalysts are the basis of our cleaning products. The DCS products clean through a completely different principle than traditional soap and chlorine based detergents; how bio-catalysts (Deep Cleaning Solutions) work you can read here.

Steam Clean Solutions (SCS), the right combination of water, heat and pressure, enables us to deepclean at the molecular level deep into the pores of materials with steam and DCS.

Electric / Electrostatic Spray Solutions (ESS), special handheld and light electrically charged spraying methods ensure that unreachable corners and hard to reach spots can now be reached.

Protective Surface Solutions (PSS) or material / surface protection grids create long term results. A Surface Protection Grid is an extremely effective addition to, and sometimes also replacement of, various coatings and paints. PSS technology has particularly useful natural properties that besides being ecological, are now also economically very viable, with excellent return on investment (ROI). By applying PSS you can also lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).