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Solar panels


Sustainable energy resources

In the case of sustainable energy resources such as solar panels, optimum efficiency is of the highest importance. Dirt by algae, lichens, fungi and particulate matter not only affect the efficiency up to 25% but also the lifespan of the panels.

Cleaning with, for example, osmosis water, does not help sufficiently against heavy dirt like algae, lichens, soot, fine dust and fungi.

Reinasan’s professional sustainable deep cleaning method:

  • algae, lichens, soot, fine particles and fungi are broken down deep into the pores of the glass
  • ensures a natural after-effect in combination with rain
  • is friendly to your panels, rubber, aluminium frames and seals (non-corrosive and non-abrasive)
  • lets your solar panels perform optimally

By applying active protection from the Reinasan PSS series you ensure that for years (standard warranty 10 years) you have a protective layer on your solar panel, actively breaking down algae, lichens, fungi, fine dust, soot and other organic dirt. In this way, your often hard-to-reach PV panels are guaranteed to be sustainably cleaner for years with maximum efficiency.

The main benefits of the applied Reinasan protection are:

The standard waranty period is:

The following surfaces are usually provided with a Reinasan treatment:

  • special materials (High-Tech)
  • coated surfaces
  • seals & rubbers
  • aluminum & fixings
  • plastics
  • glass


Optimisation of return by applying Reinasan method and resources.

Detailed view of deep cleaning with Reinasan clearly shows how the solar panels are cleaned deep into the pores.

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