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Sun canopy and conservatory


Marquees tent skylight

The greatest challenge for sun canopies is: how do I keep my sun canopy clean?

Often a sun canopy is an investment for the long term, it hangs in a difficult to reach place and is made of relatively difficult to maintain materials.

With Reinasan deep cleaning and protection you now have an effectivelong-term and sustainable solution for this.

In conservatories and skylights, which are often made of glass or high-grade plastics, the material can be cleaned relatively well, but it is often difficult to access. Often the constructions are also not suitable for setting foot on.

It is important that people can enjoy optimal light and “clean windows” for as long as possible. Through the day and night the active operation of Reinasan protection, your conservatory and skylight is sustainably cleaner. In normal circumstances, Reinasan protection in combination with occasional rain is enough to prevent more than 80% of the usual dirt!

The most important benefits of Reinasan protection are:

The warranty period depends on the choice of treatment:

The following surfaces can be treated:

  • fabric & leather
  • plastics
  • painted & coated surfaces
  • metals & alloys
  • wood
  • glass
  • special materials (High-Tech)


Marquee before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

Atrium roof of 800 m2 in government building before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

Skylight at a GP surgery before and after Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

A static tent’s fabric, algae and mould removal and prevention with Reinasan deep cleaning and protection.

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