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Exterior protection

Objects that are exposed to weather influences such as UV-light, air pollution and temperature fluctuations, often get a lot on their plate. Our solutions extend the lifecycle of any object and type of material, both indoors and outdoors. Experience our permanent (24/7) protection yourself, now.

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Protects surfaces

Why Exterior protection

By preventively protecting objects for a long period of time, they say cleaner, look like new for a longer time, while the lifecycle is extended and on top of that, you save costs.

Exterieur financiele voordelen

Financial advantages

Everything is subject to pollution and ageing. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning involves significant investments, especially in the case of buildings and other construction objects. By applying the Reinasan method, it is easy to save costs.

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Exterieur visitekaartje

First impression

The office facade, the awning, frames… the entrance of your building is a banner. Ageing, discolouring and deterioration due to pollutions such as algae, mosses, fungi or air pollution affect, for instance, facades and awnings. Fortunately, this is all something of the past when you make use of the Reinasan method. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Exterieur milieuvriendelijk


Our products function on the basis of surface protection (PSS) and in-depth cleaning (DCS). This is done in an environment-friendly way, because we make use of the natural and active effect of catalysts. No heavy chemicals, chlorine compounds or the use of alcohol. Since we use Ph-neutral biodegradable agents, these can be applied easily, quickly and safely.

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Reinasan - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Exterior and Interior Protection?
Differences in, for instance, warranty and functional properties
How long does the product stay effective?
We guarantee for 10 years
Is there a risk of damage to non-treated parts during the application?
Can anyone apply these products themselves?
No, only partners who have received specific training
What is the difference between impregnating agents and this product?
Nearly all protection- and impregnating products are passive, so they do nothing about the pollution itself, they are merely water-repellent. Our protection has an active effect that works 24/7 and converts pollution into environment-friendly and degradable substances. Also because the treated surface has become antistatic and the rain-wash-effect, the surfaces stay cleaner. As such, we create permanently clean surfaces. The protection goes deep inside the pores (at nano-level) of the surface

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We do it together

Our partners

Together with our partners, we have meanwhile applied the Reinasan method many times, both indoors and outdoors, in government buildings, petrochemical plants, office buildings, monumental buildings, as well as hospitals and care homes, hospitality establishments, hotels and villas.

Reinasan Mischa vierkant

Durable technology

Our mission

Our ambition is a durable world. Meanwhile, the Reinasan method has been used many times by our partners. We sincerely hope to be able to welcome more new partners, so the green footprint will keep spreading.

Our mission

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