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Tools Equipment Solutions


Tools Equipment Solutions

Tools and Equipment applicable with the Reinasan DCS and PSS products.

With a total concept, machines, hand tools and equipment can of course not be lacking. Reinasan has carefully selected these tools and equipment and adjusted them where necessary.

This is the only way to achieve maximum results, increase efficiency, improve ergonomics, spare the environment and save costs.

Reinasan R&D follows the latest developments and technologies and applies them where necessary. This way we can work together with our Partners always Cleaner, Greener and Safer.

Tools and Equipment

Steam and suction machines

Floor vibro machines

Floor polishing machines

Various brush sizes

Floor maintenance dual action mop system

Microfibre scrubbing and drying mops

Filling bottle for dual action mop

HD Microfiber Cloths

Mobile battery sprayers

Telescope (sprayer) lance

Mist sprayer

Trigger sprayer

Dosing pump for 10 lt. jerrycan

Hygiene – pollution meters

Hand Pressure Pump

Nano protection battery sprayer

Nano air pressure protection sprayer

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