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TouchSafe: permanent hygiene

The awareness of hygiene has grown enormously, partly due to the COVID-19 virus. TouchSafe intervenes on safety, welfare and absenteeism.

Permanent protection Deep cleaning

Discover TouchSafe

With the combination of deep cleaning with Reinasan DCS series and active protection from the Reinasan PSS series, you can optimise the optical and microbiological hygiene of hand contact points.

Permanent protection is the new standard!


Permanent protection

TouchSafe provides permanent, 24/7 decomposition of contaminants and dismantling of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Apply to material

Suitable for e.g. displays and touchscreens. Controllable and measurably hygienic with the use of official recognised measurement values.

Environmentally friendly

Guarantee results with guarantee and measurable effect; optimize material integrity and hygiene.

TouchSafe dismantles various viruses and bacteria

TouchSafe is approved according to ISO20743:2013ISO21702:2019ISO18184:214ISO22196GB15981-202GB15979-202JIS1902:2008JISZ2801 and EN 14476:2019. TouchSafe disassembles the following viruses and bacteria:

TouchSafe, safe and environmentally friendly

What are your advantages?

  • Environmental impact reduction on packaging, transport, storage, co2 with > 100%.
  • 24/7 active and permanent protection against pollution and degradation.
  • Permanent dismantling of harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • UV protection against discoloration and aging.
  • Easy maintenance with PH-neutral, environmentally friendly products.
  • 24/7 active disinfection for optimal hygiene.
  • Materials become ‘easy-to-clean’. The lifespan of these materials is thus extended.
  • Cost savings compared to traditional cleaning and disinfection.

Our Protection does not contain any:

  • Ethanol
  • Quantum ammonium compounds
  • Chlorine compounds
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Isopropanol

In which areas can you apply TouchSafe?

TouchSafe can be used in nurseries, schools, public transport, flexible workplaces, offices, gyms, care centers, hospitality, dentistry, care institutions, etcetera. Curious about whether TouchSafe can also be used in your space? Please contact us

Viralis: TouchSafe Partner

Viralis is Reinasan’s exclusive partner for the TouchSafe method. Viralis is a collaboration between MH Roadstyling and specialist, cleaning company R. Janssen. Cleaning company R. Janssen consists of several disciplines and has years of experience in forensic cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, in case of calamities and industrial accidents. The employees have years of specific experience in various areas. They are a member of Reconditioning Group Netherlands (RGN).

Our goals

Our focus is on creating solutions with immediate effect that are sustainable in the long term.

  • Measurable effect.
  • Warranty.
  • Renewable raw materials.

Together with you and through partner programs, these solutions are made quickly and purposefully deployable.

We can imagine that you might have some questions. Please choose from our 3 FAQs below.

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