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Our solutions ensure the ultimate, permanent hygiene, minimal maintenance and extension of the lifecycle of products. Experience our permanent protection for yourself, now.

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Protects surfaces

Why TouchSafe

With the combination of in-depth cleaning using the Reinasan DCS series and active protection from the Reinasan PSS series, you can optimise the optic and the microbiological hygiene of hand contact points.

TouchSafe breed inzetbaar

Broadly useable

TouchSafe is inzetbaar bij o.a. kinderdagverblijven, scholen, het openbaar vervoer, flexwerkplekken, kantoren, sportscholen, zorgcentra, hospitality, tandartspraktijk, zorginstellingen, et cetera. Benieuwd of TouchSafe ook in uw ruimte kan worden ingezet?

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Reinasan TouchSafe materialen

Apply to which material

TouchSafe ensures permanent, 24/7, decomposition of pollutions and the dismantling of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our product is, for instance, suitable for displays and touchscreens. Controllably and measurably hygienic, by use of officially recognised measurement values.

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Reinasan TouchSafe bewustwording
Safe and environment-friendly


The use of the TouchSafe method makes regular use of chlorine, ethanol, alcohol, isopropanol containing products redundant. The TouchSafe method ensures a 24/7 permanent effect, contributing to increased hygiene, less impact on the environment and also adds to the realisation of people with regard to safety and hygiene.

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Reinasan - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Is it harmful to users / machines / equipment?
No, it is a EU-approved and utterly safe product. While applying, minimal protective equipment is required for the user. It is a water-based, utterly safe product.
What is the difference between nano-coating and Reinasan protection?
A nano coating is an upper layer. Coatings change the base / surface regarding, for instance, repelling liquids or making the surface fire-resistant. In addition, nano coatings are passive. Reinasan Protection is applied into the pores/structure of the material by use of special techniques. The Protection does not change anything about the base/surface. furthermore, the Reinasan Protection is active in comparison with a nano coating. If the treated surface comes in contact with light on a daily basis, the protection is even effective 24/7.
How soon after applying the product can I use the surface / material / object again?
The treated surface will dry within minutes. Some of the products from this series require a longer drying time, in connection with curing..
Is the product subject to wear?
The protection will remain active as long as the surface does not wear, even after scratching.
Can I use any other cleaning agent for maintenance, after the product was applied?
We always recommend our Durably Clean Solution: DCS in combination with PSS is Durably Clean.

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We do it together

Our partners

Together, we make the world cleaner in an environment-friendly way. Reinasan selects companies to collaborate with. Every partner company has its own, unique position within the market. From this expertise we use our method, achieving successes.

Reinasan Missie

Durable technology

Our mission

Applying an active protective layer save a lot of costs, there will be less impact on the environment, while users are exposed less to chemicals. In addition, the protective layer has a lasting effect, even up to 3 years when using the TouchSafe method.

Our mission

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